Car Haulers - Box Trucks - Boom/Crane Trucks

Car Haulers

24 Hour Car Hauler Repair

 Let our ASE Certified Technicians troubleshoot and repair all of your car hauler needs. 

Box Trucks

24 Hour Box Truck Repair

Need box repairs?  We can handle anything from small to large box repairs. 

Crane Trucks

24 Hour Crane Truck Repair

 We can repair any of your crane needs frome cables, to hydraulics, and even piggy backs! 

Boom Trucks

24 Hour Boom Truck Repair

 We have technicians that specialist and are certified to diagnose all of your boom / aerial needs. 

Lift Gates

24 Hour Lift Gate Repair

 Need welding, lift gate slides or lift gate replacement?  Call us at Nationwide Truck Service so we can get you up and going 


24 Hour Hydraulic Repair

 If you see a hydraulic leak, we can quickly diagnose and repair all of your hydraulic needs. 



Our ASE Certified Technicians have an average of 19+ years experience working on everything from car haulers, crane trucks, booms trucks, aerial lifts, lift gates and hydraulic work.  With quick turn around times and inexpensive pricing, it's easy to see why Nationwide has become the leader in the Louisville area.

We also offer:

- PM's 

- Preventive Maintenance Programs / Tracking

- DOT's

- Fleet Maintenance Programs

- Computer Diagnostics

- Exhaust Systems

- Drive-Train

- Heating and A/C

- Welding & Fabrication

- Radiators

- Transmission / Clutch Repairs and Replacement